Engineering – Visualization

User-friendly visualization: easily display many relevant information!

Optimize your plant and process automation with advanced control and visualization concepts. Our customized visualization systems are designed for intuitive usability and provide comprehensive information, meeting the diverse requirements of operators.

The visualization of your processes is a central element of the automation solution.

Hardware-independent visualization solutions: maximum flexibility in production.

The visualization specifically designed for production and manufacturing plants allows for hardware-independent adaptation and includes the following features:

  • Process schematic
  • I/O state overview
  • Recipe management (20 recipes each with 24 steps of 16 INT variables)
  • Integrated historical and real-time trends
  • Variable user & password levels
  • User & password management
  • Alerts
  • Maintenance, manual, and automatic operation modes
  • Multi HMI interface
  • Optional - Remote desktop or VNC interface
  • Touch optimized operation

We standardly work with the following systems:

  • SIEMENS SIMATIC ProTool/Pro (Support for existing systems)
  • Stahl - SPSPlusWin
  • BARTEC - BMS Graf Pro
  • National Instruments LabView

We utilize the following HMI hardware:

  • Stahl all EXICOM ET / MT / IT / FALCON & EAGLE series (ET-306, ET-316, ET-336, IT-4X7, ET-406, ET-416, ET436, etc.)
  • BARTEC all POLARIS systems (Professional, Remote, Comfort & Basic)
  • SIEMENS all Basic & Comfort Panels as well as Panel PCs (KTP400, KTP700, KTP900, KTP1200, TP700, TP900, TP1200, OP73, OP77, TP 277, MP277, MP377, etc.)
  • All other PC visualization systems

Discover our readiness for innovation: If your preferred system is not included, that is not an obstacle. We are open to new challenges and develop visualizations on all platforms.