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Refurbished HEINKEL HF600.1 inverting filter centrifuge

The centrifuge from 1999 was completely dismantled, repainted and the stainless steel parts were reground. In addition, the centrifuge was equipped with the CONTECMA CS patented DFS system.

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Modernization of a HEINKEL HF600 inverting filter centrifuge

Following the insolvency of HEINKEL AG, CONTECMA C.S. GmbH was founded to ensure the service and spare parts supply of all HEINKEL inverting filter centrifuges on the market for the operators.

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InformEx a complete success

With over 180 visitors at our booth, we can be fully satisfied with our trade fair appearance. Greetings to our customers and visitors from Philadelphia.

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InformEx Philadelphia 2017

Together with our partner company CelesTech, we will be exhibiting at InformEx in Philadelphia from May 16 to 18, 2017. Visit us at our booth 1357.

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Ellerwerk 736C peeling centrifuge

for our customer in the Bavarian region on the second-hand market.

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HF800.1 incl. control unit for the USA

We overhauled an inverting filter centrifuge for a US customer in the Chicago area. The US-compliant conversion and the control system were planned and manufactured in-house.

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Modernization & safety update of a HEINKEL HF600

With our control system, as well as our new operator cabinet with integrated touch screen and a new inertization unit, the generally overhauled HF600 is now in its full glory.

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The CONTECMA C.S. pressure control unit

enables the housing pressure within the process chamber of the centrifuge to be adjusted with millibar accuracy, thus increasing functional and process reliability.

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Control upgrade of an HF800

The control upgrade for an HF800 consists of a new control and wiring cabinet, a new HMI operator cabinet and the replacement of the safety-relevant STAHL HMI 350x230 sensors of the centrifuge.

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Contecma C.S. Plant 2

With the purchase of the neighboring hall, Contecma C.S. now has over 1200 square meters of space. The additional space serves as further assembly areas for new and used centrifuges.

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Modernization & safety update for two HEINKEL HF600 inverting filter centrifuges

As part of a system modernization, the control systems, the local operating units and all electrical components within the centrifugals were replaced on two HEINKEL HF600s.

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ATEX conversion of a HEINE three-column top-emptying centrifuge

At the customer's request, we modernized the hydraulically driven centrifuge from 1968 to the current state of the art.

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We are expanding our storage capacity for filter fabrics by 100%

With our new roller conveyor, we are increasing our range of standard filter fabrics by 100%.

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New bearing body for a HEINKEL HF800.1

Following major bearing damage to an inverting filter centrifuge, we manufactured a new redesigned bearing body for our customer within 3 weeks.

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Modernization of a 49-year-old top discharge centrifuge

Even a centrifuge from 1965 is not yet a thing of the past. The direct-drive top-emptying centrifuge from HEINE was completely dismantled in our factory.

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Sieve screw centrifuge modernization

Modernization of a sieve screw centrifuge from the manufacturer Siebtechnik for a North German producer of special salts.

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New drum and drum insert go overseas

We supplied a special drum for an HF800.1 inverting filter centrifuge made of highly corrosion-resistant stainless steel (Hastelloy) especially for a customer in the USA.

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Order from South Baden

A customer from South Baden commissioned us to modernize an HF800.1. We also manufactured a new support frame with side channel and installed a completely new inertization unit.

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Seaworthy packaging - centrifuge goes to India

An inverting filter centrifuge is prepared for the long journey to India. All parts are packed in wooden crates and secured with appropriate devices.

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Project cooperation with Japan

Another peeler centrifuge from Japan was completed by Contecma C.S.. This included the planning and construction of the control cabinets, the hydraulic unit, the control panel, the distribution box and the inertization unit.

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Other centrifuges also in the program

The company Contecma C.S. does not only modernize inverting filter centrifuges or peeler centrifuges. Here is an example of a Rössler centrifuge that has been reconditioned.

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Centrifuge crosses the Atlantic

An HF800.1 leaves Contecma for the USA and crosses the Atlantic. After the centrifuge has been overhauled, all relevant functions and tests are carried out.

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Control system conversion in the Rhine-Neckar region

We have been commissioned by a well-known customer in the Rhine/Neckar region to convert several control systems from S5 to S7. The conversion is in full swing.

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HF300.1 Rental machine

Contecma C.S. presents your rental machine. With this machine you can determine how well your suspension is dewatered on an inverting filter centrifuge. The rental machine can also be used in the event of production bottlenecks.

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New employee for the control area - Rainer Hemzal

We welcome Mr. Hemzal to our team. He will strengthen the control technology department and contribute his experience in the field of machine and test bench construction.

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Achema 2012 trade fair

Following the good response from customers at Achema 2012, Contecma C.S. will also be exhibiting at the trade fair in the near future.

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Upgrading a centrifuge in the Free State of Bavaria

We carried out an Atex conversion on a used machine for a customer from Bavaria. Two new control cabinets and two new control units were built and a number of components were replaced.

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Screen insert - A drum gets a new look

The drum is given a new look. Once the screen plate is defective and clogged with product residue, it is replaced. [The screen plate is removed and the drum is cleaned, then defects are repaired and a new screen plate is inserted into the drum.

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Control modernization in Bavaria

Another customer from Bavaria has the control system modernization carried out by Contecma C.S. Conversion of the S5 program to an S7 control system and renewal of the control panel.

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Control system modernization in Austria

A new brain for the centrifuge. At one of our customers in Austria, the Siemens S5 control system, which is getting on in years, is being replaced by a modern Siemens S7 control system.

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Centrifuge with top discharge

We also completely refurbish top-emptying centrifuges so that their appearance and functionality are fully restored. The repair of centrifuges and the procurement of special spare parts are part of our daily business.

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Starting signal for filter cloth production

Contecma C.S. starts its own filter cloth production at the end of 2010. The first filter cloths for centrifuges are sewn. Thanks to the experience of our process technician, filter cloths are specially adapted and manufactured to the product and the special features of the machine.

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Two centrifuges for the Middle Kingdom

We are currently working on an order for the Middle Kingdom. Two HF600s are to be shipped to the People's Republic this month. The pictures show the completion of the seaworthy packaging with the centrifuges and the required individual parts.

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Contecma CS supplies French company

Another company from France places its trust in us. An HF600.1 made of Hastelloy and an HF600.1 made of stainless steel are delivered to France.

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A spirit of optimism after the end

A large report in the Bietigheimer Zeitung on the founding of the company Contecma C.S. with the title "Aufbruchstimmung nach dem Aus", which emerged from the former companies Grotz and Heinkel AG. The complete article can be found in the "Publications" section.

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The next step into the future - Our process technician

We would like to welcome our process engineer Günter Gleichauf to our team. As a chemist with more than 25 years of experience in the optimization of inverting filter centrifuges and with more than 500 different products in operation, he is a valuable addition to our team and range of services.

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Huge success for CONTECMA C.S. GmbH

CONTECMA C.S. GmbH also opened its doors as part of the trade show last weekend in the Holderbüschle industrial estate in Sachsenheim.

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Reinforcement in the service team - Jürgen Ott

We warmly welcome Jürgen Ott to our service team. Mr. Ott is distinguished by his many years of experience as a fitter on various makes of centrifuges, such as Heinkel, Ellerwerk, etc.

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Reinforcement for sales and back office

We would like to welcome Ms. Deumelhuber to our sales and back office. Ms. Deumelhuber will actively support Mr. Buchele to further increase the satisfaction of our customers.

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MSR & control technology now in-house

We warmly welcome our new employee Swen Müller. In 6 years as an external employee, Mr. Müller Junior has planned and implemented more than 30 control systems for inverting filter centrifuges.

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Retrofitting and repairs to the pressure filling pipe

Do you have a HEINKEL inverting filter centrifuge in USE? Is this machine equipped with a pressure filling tube? Then we are the right contact for you.

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Representation for Comi Condor

The company Contecma C.S. takes over the representation of Comi Condor centrifuges in Germany. All services such as UVV or spare parts can now be carried out by Contecma.

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Global trade

Worldwide trade has begun. Contecma CS sells used, refurbished industrial centrifuges in all countries. We attach particular importance to the quality of our work.

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New company headquarters

The registered office of Contecma C.S. GmbH is relocated to Sachsenheim. The new postal address is: Siemensstraße 23, 74343 Sachsenheim.

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Our new man in sales & back office - Jürgen Buchele

We would like to welcome our new man in sales and back office. Due to his 20 years of experience as a technician for process engineering tests, as well as a service technician and deputy purchasing manager at HEINKEL AG, Mr. Buchele is a competent expert in the service business.

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Spare parts warehouse moves to Siemensstrasse!

Durch stetiges Wachstum ist es notwendig das Ersatzteillager zu verlegen. Der Umzug geht in die Siemensstraße nach Sachsenheim, wo die Voraussetzungen für das gut sortierte Ersatzteillager vorhanden sind.

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The first CONTECMA C.S. homepage

Shortly before the turn of the year, we finally made it. Our first CONTECMA C.S. homepage was created with a lot of initiative and nights of hard work. Today it is finally online.

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Spare parts supply also for Comi Condor centrifuges.

Contecma C.S. is expanding its product portfolio. From now on, spare parts for Comi Condor centrifuges can also be supplied.

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ATEX conversion of three HEINKEL HF600 inverting filter centrifuges

The trust has paid off. At Christmas, we received an order from a large French pharmaceutical company to modernize three HEINKEL HF600 inverting filter centrifuges to the latest technical standard.

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TÜV-SÜD certifies our proof of expertise

CONTECMA C.S. GmbH has been awarded a certificate of competence by TÜV-SÜD for carrying out accident prevention, maintenance and repair work on industrial centrifuges.

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Successful global launch

At the end of 2005, Contecma C.S. begins servicing inverting filter centrifuges for leading pharmaceutical and chemical companies. In addition, a well-stocked spare parts warehouse for HEINKEL inverting filter centrifuges is set up to ensure rapid supply.

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Our new service technician - Michael Nowitzki

We would like to welcome our new service technician Michael Nowitzki. He will be responsible for mechanical conversions, retrofits and technical customer support.

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Modernization of a HEINKEL HF600 inverting filter centrifuge

for a Swiss customer. The order includes the ATEX upgrade of the centrifuge, a new safety-related control system and inertization unit.

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