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New centrifuges: best quality, state-of-the-art, and tailored.

We design and manufacture new inverted filter centrifuges that assure you cutting-edge technology, customized solutions, and outstanding service. With our in-house production, we can accommodate your individual preferences. Our inverted filter centrifuges are ideally suited for use with heavily filterable products from the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The centrifuge is fully automated and hermetically sealed.

Discover the top performance of our inverting filter centrifuges: innovation meets efficiency.


Gentle and residue-free solids discharge.


Residual moisture reduction of up to 70%.


Highly efficient cleaning thanks to large and smooth surfaces.


Thin-layer filtration with cake thicknesses of less than 3 mm.


Regeneration of blocked filter cloths in a closed system.


Adaptive process control through continuous weight control.

Vielseitige Anwendungsbereiche unserer Stülperfilterzentrifugen: Ein Überblick

Versatile areas of application for our inverting filter centrifuges: an overview.

Our inverted filter centrifuges represent the pinnacle of solid-liquid separation technology, developed to address cross-industry challenges with precision and efficiency. With their advanced construction and the utilization of cutting-edge technologies, they deliver unmatched performance in the pharmaceutical, chemical, fine chemical, and food processing sectors.



In the pharmaceutical industry, our inverted filter centrifuges enable reliable and contamination-free separation of solids and liquids, a critical step in drug manufacturing. Their precision ensures compliance with the stringent quality and safety standards required for pharmaceutical products.


Chemistry & Fine Chemistry

In the chemical and fine chemical industries, the demands on separation technology are particularly high. Our inverted filter centrifuges are tailored to these needs, providing solutions that enhance both the efficiency and purity of the end products. They are capable of working reliably and efficiently even under challenging conditions.



The food industry also benefits from the superior separation performance of our inverted filter centrifuges. They play a central role in the technological manufacturing processes, from liquid clarification to solid separation. These processes are crucial for the quality, safety, and taste of the food products.

The technology behind the purity: Insights into the technical data of our inverting filter centrifuges.

CONTECMA C. S. Inverting filter centrifuge 300

Drum Diameter: 300 mm
Filter Area: 0.1 m2
Nominal Volume: 6.5 l
Max Speed (rpm): 3,000
Centrifugal Force (x g): 1,500

Length: 2,500 mm
Width: 1,000 mm
Height: 1,100 mm
Weight: 1,400 kg

CONTECMA C. S. Inverting filter centrifuge 600

Drum Diameter: 600 mm
Filter Area: 0.41 m2
Nominal Volume: 52 l
Max Speed (rpm): 1,940
Centrifugal Force (x g): 1,260

Length: 3,092 mm
Width: 1,650 mm
Height: 1,720 mm
Weight: 3,500 kg

CONTECMA C. S. Inverting filter centrifuge 800

Drum Diameter: 800 mm
Filter Area: 0.85 m2
Nominal Volume: 120 l
Max Speed (rpm): 1,600
Centrifugal Force (x g): 1,140

Length: 4,100 mm
Width: 1,900 mm
Height: 2,250 mm
Weight: 6,200 kg

Your path to perfection: custom inverting filter centrifuges

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