Process technology – rental and test machines

Test and rental machines: optimal solutions for testing purposes.

Thanks to our continuous purchase of used centrifuges and our in-house refurbishment to the latest technical standards, we are able to promptly respond to customer requirements. Discover our flexibility and efficiency in centrifuge technology.

From pilot systems for small quantities to industrial production systems – we offer versatile machine solutions for your requirements. With our in-house filter cloth production and our process engineering expertise, we support you comprehensively in all phases of your production.

Fast and uncomplicated: How to reach us:

Your direct line to us. We are available to answer all your questions about the centrifuge. Our 24/7 technical support hotline is available around the clock. If technical problems arise, our experts are ready to provide immediate assistance. Contact us now for assistance with your challenges.

Individual filtration trials tailored to your requirements

We conduct filtration trials in-house on our pilot plants according to your specifications. Based on the insights gained regarding production parameters, we can determine and extrapolate the potential manufacturing capacities for future production plants. Our expert consultation assists you in selecting the optimal manufacturing setup and in decision-making.

Uncomplicated and fast: Request your rental or test machine now!